The getfacl utility writes discretionary access control information asso-
     ciated with the specified file(s) to standard output.  If the getconf(1)
     utility indicates that {_POSIX_ACL_EXTENDED} is not in effect for a file
     then the standard discretionary access permissions are interpreted as an
     ACL containing only the required ACL entries.

     The following option is available:

     -d      The operation applies to the default ACL of a directory instead
	     of the access ACL.  An error is generated if a default ACL cannot
	     be associated with file.

     -h      If the target of the operation is a symbolic link, return the ACL
	     from the symbolic link itself rather than following the link.

     The following operand is available:

     file    A pathname of a file whose ACL shall be retrieved.  If file is
	     not specified, or a file is specified as -, then getfacl reads a
	     list of pathnames, each terminated by one newline character, from
	     the standard input.


	   getfacl /

     Retrieve ACL for the directory /.

	   getfacl -d /

     Retrieve the default ACL for the directory /, if any.


     The getfacl utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.


     setfacl(1), acl(3), getextattr(8), setextattr(8), acl(9), extattr(9)


     The getfacl utility is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2c compliant.


     Extended Attribute and Access Control List support was developed as part
     of the TrustedBSD Project and introduced in FreeBSD 5.0.


     Robert N M Watson

FreeBSD 5.1		       Decemer 30, 2002 		   FreeBSD 5.1

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